Wednesday Gaming 6/9<< Adam, June 9th, 2010 >>

From the journal of Reynal “Rey” Shrineson

Two Goblin Shadows down.  Check.  Father Vallation should be happy to hear about that.  Combat could’ve gone better had Ragnar not opened his blasted mouth and started shouting about bringing justice or some nonsense.  I’ve got to remind him that sometimes you’ve got to wait to deal out justice until you have enough information to decide that it’s OK to kill the buggers.

Luckily one of the dead goblins had a map which appeared to lead to the caves in the west that I remembered being infested with goblins.  The “bonemeal process” the shadows mentioned must be tied to the pattern of dead forestry in the area.  I’m not happy getting mixed up in necromantic magic of this scale.  Hopefully we’re not getting in over our head here, but we’re this far out here, and I fear that this magic process may be close to finished, so there’s likely not time to call in aid from any other marshals.

Close to the cave, it doesn’t look like these undead are even attempting to hide their whereabouts.  Lots of carcasses, plenty of trampled areas where bodies have clearly been dragged.  Cheery.

The cave, conveniently was self-lighting.  Glowing lichen – how convenient.  Penny said this lichen likely cultivated by the goblins; underground civilizations use it often.  So, not convenient, but expected.

The clinking and clanking noise down the tunnel put us on guard immediately.  I sent Furen ahead to take a glance around the corner.  As he crept around a growth of mushrooms, I could see the upcoming sneeze in his eyes; nothing ever goes according to plan.  As Furen reached the corner, out that damned sneeze came.  Furen came rushing back, reporting a pile of bones, two bloody goblin zombies, and a wight.  “Are they following you?”  “No.”  “You mean they’re getting reinforcements?”

We rushed forward, through the mushrooms, which plumed into clouds of smoke.  Penny scrambled ahead, attempting to draw the attention of the zombies.  Furen quickly followed, attacking an incoming zombie.  “They’ve got claws!” he reported.  While Furen plugged one choke point, I started to plug the other, waiting for Ragnar to back me up.  I whiffed on my first swing, surprised at the dexterity of the apparent corpse.  Ragnar and I began to make forward progress, eliminating one zombie; then one struck me with a blow, and I felt the blood covering them seep into the wounds.  Suddenly I felt very sluggish – my brain in a haze.  I definitely felt off my game as I continued to fail to slice and dice the zombies.

Luckily, my fellow marshals were more than capable of picking up the slack.  Ragnar and Furen rushed the wight and quickly decimated her.  Penny and Marach El finshed off the remaining zombie.  On the wight, we found a note:


The demon summoning has gone well.  It has corrupted a cadre of elves and other fey creatures, who cannot distinguis between its chaos and their own.  By the time you get this message, the elves should be on their way to the village, which should keep them distracted from our own collection efforts for the Bonemeal Process.  There will be no one to stop your harvesting efforts in the cave.

The farms to the east of the of the town should get the brunt first.  They won’t be hard to find, but that’s the point, isn’t it?  And still many will die unless the breathing ones act FAST, and how likely is that?


Bastard undead.


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