Shrink-wrapped.net can trace its origins to circa 1997 or so when I was actively maintaining a totally sweet Geocities webpage which I had lovingly titled Random Central. Off of Random Central I eventually made two sub-sections called Scribbles ‘n Notes and Sketches of My Mind, where I made blog posts (though no one had coined the term “blog” yet as far as I know) and posted doodles, respectively. Both of those sections brought on various degrees of truly intense high school drama at the time.

When I ventured off to college, I decided it was time to start over, and eventually Shrink-wrapped was born. Shrink-wrapped basically distilled my original website down to just posts and pictures. My focus was always on the pictures, for writing has never been my strong point.

I updated Shrink-wrapped a lot during college; commuting to campus for entire days gave me lots of dead time to doodle.

After college, not so much. I always hope to get back to actively updating the site, but never seem to find the time. Maybe this time will be the right time.